Reaching NEW heights with the Trellis skyscraper

We’re all for impressive ingenuity here at LUMA Concept Hotel London, which is why we’re more than excited to discuss the new 1 Undershaft Tower.

The 1 Undershaft, nicknamed the Trellis, will be the second tallest tower in Europe (just after The Shard) with 73 stories of pure architectural glory complementing the already impressive London skyline. Plans for the Trellis were approved recently in late November, with developments into the next phase now well underway. The tower will be built over the Aviva tower, which will be demolished in the near future. Completion is vague at the moment, with the date somewhere in the mid-2020s.

The Trellis was designed by Eric Parry for Singaporean developers Aroland holdings. Its original designs were altered in October 2016, scaling the size of the building down in fears that the heights would be dangerous for visitors and long-term building maintenance.

Whilst looking at the stunning designs and renders of Undershaft 1, it’s easy to see that this tower will be another one of London’s architectural wonders.

Overall opinions on this new development have been incredibly positive, with officials celebrating how this tower will show the world that London is a leading financial centre.

Not JUST a financial tower

Not only will the Undershaft 1 provide 2,000 sqm of retail space and 130,000 sqm of office space for over 10,000 workers BUT… there will also be a free viewing platform at the tippety-top of this majestic building. And there is also discussion of implementing an exhibition gallery on many floors of the Trellis.

The internet is filled with excited murmurings on what the Trellis will feature. However, we just won’t know what we’re in store for until its completion next decade. No matter what though we’re certainly in for a treat.

Reach for the stars

London always has exciting architectural projects on the go. It’ll certainly be exciting following the Trellis’s progress over the next few years, growing from a hole in the ground to the breathtaking glass tower overlooking all of central London.

We have faith that the Undershaft 1 will be one of London’s mega attractions after completion in the 2020s.

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