Shhhh…A top secret bar in Mayfair

Can you keep a secret? Hidden away in Mayfair is a top secret bar. How do you find it? All you need to do to find it is keep your eyes peeled for a black door on the corner of Grosvenor Square… don’t let the unassuming entrance fool you, behind this humble exterior is a roaring twenties themed cocktail bar ready to whirl you back in time to the days of speak-easy glamour and high-society parties. This is the Luggage Room, the most decadent destination in London.

During the 1920s Mayfair was the stomping ground of The Bentley Boys who were the poster boys for 20s glamour and are the inspiration behind The Luggage Room’s speak-easy attitude. The cocktail bar is located in what used to be the luggage room of a luxury hotel, hence the name, and offers guests a delectable range of creative cocktails, champagnes and liquors inspired by the days of prohibition and bootleg distribution.

Now this is how a double Martini should be enjoyed – surrounded by flappers, broads, Fly boys and dolls in nothing but hedonistic luxury. Flirt with some raucous jazz and a Rob Roy cocktail and who knows what will happen, maybe you’ll Charleston the night away!

Low – Tea at the Luggage Room

As the legend goes, the Duchess of Bedford starting the tradition of having Low Tea in order to keep hunger pangs at bay before her late supper parties. Think of High Tea or Afternoon Tea but with a more laid back, easy going approach. The ritual continued and soon spread across the UK, with everyone bringing out their best China and their best nibbles for friends to enjoy. Low Tea is a great excuse for a get together, a chin wag and a lavish day time treat.

Fancy a bite at the Luggage Room? Why not indulge in some Devonshire wild boar sausage rolls or a Jam Jar scone trifle for a sweet treat? The Luggage Room provides a vast range of designer delicacies on their menu. These self-proclaimed perfectionists are dedicated to providing quality and creativity in all their cuisine.

It’s the bee’s knees baby doll!

During your next trip to London get your Charleston on at the Luggage Room, Mayfair.

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