The story behind LUMA’s electric look

The new LUMA Concept Hotel London, located in Hammersmith, provides boutique rooms, stripped-back aesthetics and a hotel experience designed around you. It’s an incredibly simple concept, but surprisingly rare to find.


One of the things that makes us stand out from the crowd is our inspiring aesthetic; it’s simple, chic and celebrates industrial sleekness. This look was inspired by the Hammersmith Osram lamp factory which helped give light to London during the Victorian era and into the twentieth century. Nowadays the factory is a cosmopolitan corner in Hammersmith buzzing with West London verve. We share the same mission as the Hammersmith Osram lamp factory, we want to hold the torch for hotel innovation and spread our light.

Our West London hotel is decked out with light bulbs, slick metal surfaces and high ceilings in homage to the Osram lamp factory that helped light up the lives of millions.


We don’t have those glittering vinyl floors at reception, nor do we have any chandeliers in the hallways… but our rooms have chic layouts, with touches of LUMA quirk, and all the amenities you’ll need during your stay. Expect in-room Nespresso machines, plush bedding, power shower, and everything high-spec and high-tech. Each room also provides a Grab & Go breakfast, which includes coffee and artisan treats.

You can pick between three rooms sizes: Light, Luma or Deluxe when booking a room with us.


Why are we dedicated to simplicity (in our look and our services)?

Somewhere along the line, a lot of hotels started to forget that the intention of their business should be the guest – not numbers, graphs and dollar signs. We, frankly, don’t care about flashy interiors, shoving as many guests into our establishment as possible or cranking up service prices whenever we can. That’s not what we want.

We wanted to strip it all back. Get rid of all the gadgets, long corridors, facelessness and anonymity… Instead, we decided to provide a hotel near Hammersmith with character and quirkiness whilst also providing exceptional customer care.

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