Hammersmith Bridge London

Hammersmith Bridge, certainly the finest bridge across the Thames

Welcome to Hammersmith; a hidden gem in the crown of London’s cityscape.

Hammersmith is a unique destination that provides visitors with a true-blue look London experience like no other. Don’t get us wrong, places like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben are go to tourist hot spots for a reason (they are modern day world wonders!) but if you’re looking for the real London experience, Hammersmith is the perfect place to go.

It’s only a bus ride away from all central London attractions whilst providing you with a down to earth and genuine landscape filled with unique and unexpected adventures.

What better place to stay during your London travels? If you’re looking for Hammersmith accommodation during your visit why not stay at the LUMA Concept hotel London? This hotel near Hammersmith is stylish, laid back and always provides exceptional customer service.

Hammersmith Suspension Bridge

During your next stay at our Hammersmith hotel take yourself down to the Hammersmith Suspension Bridge (less than ten minutes away) by the River Thames.

This gorgeous bridge was first constructed in 1824 and was designed by one of the earliest ever suspension bridge engineers William Tierney Clark. Since then it has been reconstructed several times as traffic continued to increase through the years.

This bridge is undoubtedly beautiful. Its iron starkness juxtaposes with River Thames, enhancing its industrial prowess and metal majesty. A must see sight to behold during your next London visit.

Things to do around the Hammersmith Suspension Bridge

Furnival Gardens:

Have a lazy day stroll through these beautiful gardens only moments away from Hammersmith Suspension Bridge. Furnival Gardens is located on the edge of River Thames, which means you’ll get some of the best river views in town here.

The Blue Anchor:

Located on the edge of River Thames by the Hammersmith Suspension Bridge is The Blue Anchor, a pub that has been open since 1722. It’ll come as no surprise that The Blue Anchor has a lot of stories to tell… If you fancy a good ol’ English pub lunch and a pint, this is the place to go!

The Dove:

Another riverside pub with a rich and colourful history. Charles II and Nell Gwynne are rumored to have dined here during its bawdier days. The Dove is also home to the smallest bar room in the world as celebrated in the Guinness Book of World Records. Dive head first into London’s past by paying a visit to The Dove.

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